Achievements of mom at Om Sai Creche

Unbelievable..yet true
03 moms of babies enrolled in PhD leaving baby in Om Sai Creche. One mom completed her PhD and 02 are yet pursuing. Isn't surprising that besides fulfilling the working responsibilities of their career the mom successfully continued higher studies along with the full care of baby.

Is Nebulization reason for worry?

Nebulizer to baby? Is it serious for may baby?

Nebulizer a medicine delivery machine( just like injection) used to administer medication in the form of a mist into the lungs via a small duct. It is painless. Nebulizers are now a days commonly prescribed by doctors of Noida and Delhi for respiratory diseases. When there is acute inflammation of lungs and breathing is forced( know as pasli chalna in India) nebuliser are used. It is now a common inexpansive machine costing appx 2000. Don't assume that if doctors have advised nebulisation, your child is asthamatic. take is a routine device which administers.

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How to load medicines in Nebulizer machine   Link  

How to use Nebulizer in baby  Link

Baby like Tea?..

We at Om Sai Creche do not give Tea to babies. We here offer some of our views:
We recommend parents of infants and babies to not offer Tea to baby..Why

As per scientific records one cup Tea has appx 100 mg caffeine. See chart 1
Document showing Caffeine content in Indian Tea Brands.

Tea hinders the body’s absorption of iron. That’s because tea contains ‘polyphenols’ – compounds that bind with the iron in your little one’s intestines. An adequate iron intake is crucial to baby’s healthy growth and development. The body uses the iron it to make hemoglobin, which supplies oxygen to the body’s cells needed for respiratory functions. Additionally, iron is required for the proper development and function of the brain - and iron deficiency in infancy can cause long term learning problems. We have observed that the babies who take tea alongwith the adults get sleep related disorders and hyperactivity. Therefore we recommend that parents should not offer Tea to babies. In place of this Milk can be flavored with Thandai powder or other non caffeine additives.

How illness is related to growth?

Baby growth in crèche correlation with illness?
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It is well known fact that most babies grow in spurt(suddenly). When we tried to interpret this ourselves we found that most of the times when babies remained ill for 2-3 days baby grew taller. In March 2015 also one baby aged 11m who could not support her legs, got ill for many days but after that she started standing on her legs and height was increased suddenly. The growth is always sudden(burst) in babies which causes. So parents need not to worry of illness which is most of the times correlated with growth. Om Sai Creche is thankful to the research paper published below.

Children often get sick when they grow, "although we don't understand the underlying mechanisms," Lampl said. One theory is that "the chemical cascade that controls growth at the cellular level also suppresses the immune system," she said. And continual ear infections in children have been found to be "coincident with growth spurts," she added.