Which diaper is best Huggies pampers or mamy poko pants

Note: This article is based on discussion with parents and experience with small number of babies and not a research article. Source

Parents are always willing to buy the diaper which lasts longest. Most of the diaper companies advertise their product in terms of more hours of usage viz 8 hours, 12 hours or more.

We noticed that some parents were changing the diaper every 8-12 hour as given in advertisement. Usually it is quite annoying for parent to change diaper twice or thrice in midnight. This caused recurrent rashes in private parts of baby. When we changed the frequency of diaper to 2-3 hours the rashes disappeared.

So parents are advised not to go with advertised duration of diaper. Change the diaper every 2-3 hour if required. Constant touch with urinated diaper for more than 2-3 hour causes rashes in babies.

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